Company Holiday Party Ideas That Are Hits With Everyone

Company Holiday Party Ideas That Are Hits With Everyone

Posted on 29 Jun 18

Company Christmas Party Locations | Vancouver BC

So, you’ve been tasked to organize the company Holiday party and you’re feeling the pressure. The challenge is: how do you create a terrific event that provides an ideal atmosphere for socializing, team building, good fun, and of course, great memories? Since we’ve hosted our fair share of company holiday events, we have polled our team for the best ideas and tips that will make your party something that people can’t wait to do again next year.

5 Holiday party ideas that will help your party be one to remember

1. Think Beginning and End

Christmas Party Venue Vancouver BCThe most important question you should ask yourself is: What things do I need to get the party started off right, and finished with a bang? Choosing the right venue is a definite key to any party starting and ending right. Many restaurants have groups in for holiday events, and it makes for noisy, non-private events. A private venue, where you can create an intimate brand experience is important for both your company and your clients.

Start a festive mood before your guests get into the venue ~ carolers singing holiday favourites outside helps get everyone in a festive mood.

Make arrival easy ~ make sure there is a staffed coat check and umbrella storage (we are a wet holiday season, after all!) After that, have your senior team welcome clients and staff alike and then make sure you get a drink into their hands PDQ. Don’t make them wait, or line up at a bar … you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure there is a choice of beverages too: an inviting looking mocktail, a seasonally inspired cocktail, and sparkling wine are a great trio to offer and set a festive tone.

What makes a great ending? A toast to staff, clients, partners, friends and family is a must. Goodie bags for participants is a nice touch. But a great ending means that everyone has a safe ride home. The in between parts of your event can take many forms, but first and last impressions are singularly the most important.

2. Everyone’s Favourite Topic: Food

Company Christmas Party Food SuggestionsYour office is full of people with special dietary needs. How do you make the vegans, gluten intolerant, and meat-eaters happy?

There are a couple of ways to manage this. If you are having a plated meal, make sure you have a list of dietary restrictions and needs sent to the venue or caterer well in advance to ensure they are prepared.

For a cocktail style event, make sure there is a balance of menu items ~ not all meat and fish, but a balance of meat, fish/seafood, and vegetarian. If you have a carving station, let’s say, beef tenderloin, make sure there are options for guests: a regular bun, a gluten free bun, or the ability to enjoy no bun (plates and forks available, and the chef carves it thinly to make it easy to eat).

With food stations, make sure the venue/caterer labels all food items, and indicate if they are gluten free (GF), dairy free (DF), nut free (NF), vegetarian (V), vegan (VG). Symbols can be hard to decipher. 

3. Signature Drinks for the Holiday

Christmas Party Cocktail SuggestionsA good anchor for any company Christmas party are seasonal cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). You can work them in as part of the theme for the event, but which ones are bound to be a hit with a broad audience?

Last season we embraced the cold with a hot spiced apple cider with a peated scotch to add some smoky aroma and to warm you up from the inside out a good dash of Jameson’s whiskey. 

This year we are going to go back to the classics but use local spirits, in keeping with our PYC philosophy of supporting local producers. A Boulevardier style cocktail (think Negroni) with Lot 40 rye, the woods Amaro and the Manitou spiced orange liqueur with flamed orange zest. Yes, please!

4. Entertainment and Activities

Party icebreaker activities can really help your guests come out of their shell, especially the introverts. Name some activities that are fun and promote group participation? (i.e. a photo booth, games, party themes, etc.)

A photo booth is always a great activity to have at any party; especially when there are festive costume pieces for everyone to have fun with. Live music or carollers are also a great option and can really set the tone when guests are arriving or enjoying dinner.

A gift exchange has been done of course, but try switching it up by doing themed gifts or gag gifts even. 

5. Venue: Why host your office Christmas Party with Pacific Yacht Charters?

The Pacific Yacht offers a unique combination of being a private venue with exceptional food and service PLUS, it’s on the water. People don’t often think of going on the water in the winter, but the yacht is warm, cozy, inviting, and beautifully decorated. Our Chef and his team are creative, open and flexible to making a menu that will best suit your group, and be sure to cover all dietary requirements AND make it delicious. Worried about the weather? A dockside event is still private, cozy and delicious, … and much more memorable than a crowded restaurant or boring banquet facility.

Check out our company Christmas party page to find our early bird booking offer, and to learn more about how Pacific Yacht Charters can make your company party a night to remember.

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