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Where to Have a Company Christmas Party Vancouver
23 Sep 19

Where to Have a Company Christmas Party

It’s the time of the year to move beyond the planning process and book your staff party for the Holiday season. Too early? Not at all because these events have become an internal part of human resource management which impacts productivity. Many studies show that Holiday parties help improve employee morale and provide an organic opportunity for management and subordinate engagement. Because of this, you need to plan the affair as much as you do a seasonal marketing campaign. As one of Greater Vancouver’s premier event venues and catering service providers, we have become the go-to resource for businesses across the Lower Mainland. We have already provided our guide to successful Holiday party ideas, and now we are having a look at what you need to look for when choosing a venue. 5 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Venue for Your Next Company Holiday Season Party 1. Big Enough Yet Intimate This is a very tough one to pull off, as when you need to fit in over 100 to 200+ guests most venues lose the intimate feel that is oh-so important to staff engagement. What happens, is that people break off into cliques and cohesion is left out of the room. Pacific Yacht Charters however, has an impressive capacity of 120 (for a buffet or plated meal) to 250 (cocktail style event) guests, yet the unique layout brings everyone comfortably together. 2. Festive Decor Included Far too many venues require that your company provides the decorative bells, whistles and mistletoe. That adds yet another important item to your party planning committee’s growing to-do list. Plus, it increases your budgetary needs significantly because tasteful Holiday decor is priced at a premium through party season. But with Pacific Yacht Charters, Holiday event pricing includes festive décor, all of which is professionally weaved throughout the yacht, from entry way to dining table. 3. Offers a Festive Menu Decor is certainly instrumental in creating Holiday event memories to last a lifetime, but nothing gets the sugar plums dancing quite like festive fare. Make your event more merry by finding a venue that marries the venue/decor and menu together in one cohesive package. Pacific Yacht Charters has leveraged the talents of renowned Chef Mardy Ra in delivering a mouth-watering Holiday menu for 2019. It’s so delectable that we have to keep it under wraps (online, that is) so please do call us at 604.689.1227 or email for full menu details. 4. Ability to Customize for Your Corporate Culture The only thing cookie-cutter about your staff Holiday event should be the one used to make Christmas cookies. Otherwise, you need a venue that can help you create a custom experience that suits your corporate culture. Pacific Yacht Charters has custom options to apply to your event. For instance, you can have a DJ or live musician on deck, or better yet, have carolers greet your cherished guests as they board the yacht. You will also have the chance to customize the Christmas cocktail menu, and if you really want things to get festive we invite you to include traditional Christmas activities, including gift giving, Secret Santa events, and/or sing-a-longs. View more about our custom options here. 5. Standing Out From “Last Year” The phrase “Last year was better” is the one thing every company’s party planning committee hates to hear. The venue plays a major roll in keeping this sentiment from echoing through the walls of your business on the first workday after the event. By moving the party from your local bar, heritage hall, or god forbid the office staff room and into a yacht you have a shot at claiming the best holiday party since your company’s inception. It’s never to early to book your venue, confirm the menu, and plan party activities. Contact Pacific Yacht Charters today to discuss your unique needs and we will come up with a custom Christmas party solution....

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David Feys - Luxury Yacht Rentals Vancouver and Private Events - Pacific Yacht Charters' Boss
28 Feb 19

Meet David Feys – Luxury Events Director – Pacific Yacht Charters Vancouver

Are you seeking to host a premier class event at one of Vancouver’s most unique party venues? Delivering luxury events is what David Feys takes pride in creating at Pacific Yacht Charters aboard Pacific Yacht. David is celebrated for his work in overseeing only the finest, most memorable events that consistently exceed client expectations. David joined Pacific Yacht Charters in late 2015 after running his own catering and event design business, Feys+Hobbs Catered Arts, for nearly twenty years in Victoria, BC. Originally trained as a chef, he has honed his skills and love of event planning to provide clients with unique, one-of-a-kind events that reflect his love of gourmet cuisine and design.Educated at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, David completed Cooks Training. From there he worked at boutique hotels and for a bespoke catering service. With years of experience under his belt, David launched Feys+Hobbs which was an early adopter of farm-to-table cooking in Victoria. Under David’s direction, Feys+Hobbs became known as the finest catering and event design service on Lower Vancouver Island. David eventually stepped away from the stove and became deeply involved in the planning and designing of unique luxury events across Canada. Today, David provides leadership and vision to the team at Pacific Yacht Charters based in Coal Harbour, Vancouver, B.C.  Since joining luxury event yacht charter, he has expanded the service and culinary offerings aboard the 105ft luxury yacht, which hosts corporate groups, private dinner cruises, weddings and Christmas parties for small groups up to 240 guests reception style. David’s savvy, out-of-the box thinking and insight into luxury events ensures that his clients experience some of the most memorable events ever planned on the yacht. David has become a leader in the Vancouver culinary and catering event market for delivering a true first-class experience. In 2019, David will expanding Pacific Yacht Charters luxury culinary offering to include off-premise catering services for the Vancouver market. Ready to host a unique event with us or learn about our new catering services? Get in contact with David by filling out the form here, or calling us directly. Also, learn more about Yacht Rental Costs and Themed Events here and check out our 3 incredible sailing routes.   ...

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vancouver yacht charter costs and FAQs from Pacific Yacht Charters
29 Aug 18

Vancouver Yacht Charter Costs, Corporate Party Themes & Other FAQs

As one Vancouver’s most popular corporate event and wedding venues, we get many questions about our luxury yacht. Of course, most questions lead to, “how much is it to charter your yacht”? and “how does it compare with other event venues like yours?” Today we asked our team to compile a short list of frequently asked questions to give you more information about chartering our yacht. ★ Insider Tip! See our Early Bird offer for Christmas Party Bookings ★ 5 FAQs on Yacht Rentals for a Party or Event 1. What are common events happen on the Pacific Yacht? Pacific Yacht Charters hosts corporate events such as client appreciation charters, company holiday parties, employee recognition, and networking events. Consider our Yacht as the most private meeting space for a board meeting, or a training session; with full service for meals and beverage service throughout the charter time. We are also a popular venue for weddings and social celebrations such as landmark birthdays, anniversaries and engagements. 2. How many people can you accommodate on board? There are three different styles of food service that work well on board: buffet, plated, or cocktail style. For buffet and plated meals, we can seat up to 120 guests. For a cocktail style event, we can accommodate up to 264 guests, but like to cap the count at 240 so there is comfortable room for all guests. The Yacht is also available for dockside events; this would mean the Yacht stays moored at dock throughout your event in beautiful Coal Harbour behind the Westin Bayshore Hotel. Our yacht comes alive similar to a rooftop bar and lounge, where your guests are free to come and go as they wish. Throughout a dockside event, we can accommodate up to 400 guests as people come and go through an evening. We still cap our count at 264 at any one time. 3. What are the various sailing routes? We have 3 incredible sailing routes available. Route one takes you and your guests on a 3 or 4 hour tour of Deep Cove and Indian Arm’s raw natural beauty. Route two features a 3, or more hour, venture out to Point Atkinson, also known as Lighthouse Park. Guests get incredible views of the Lions Gate Bridge, North Shore Mountains, and the famous harbourfront architecture of West Vancouver. Last but not least, we have our 3 hour Vancouver harbour tour that boasts the best views of Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, Granville Island, English Bay, and False Creek. You are always welcome to add additional hours to allow the right amount of time to achieve your event goals and activities. 4. What are some of the successful themed events you’ve had onboard? We often theme events to compliment a corporate brand or message to provide subtle cues to guests about the hosts. We have had casinos, Hippy parties, Hawaiian themes and Cigars and Scotch on the water. One of the funnest themes was a pirate theme, and yes, guests dressed up in pirate garb. Also check out our Christmas party article for ideas as well.  5. How much does a typical yacht charter cost? During peak season (April 1 – October 14th), our Yacht Charter has two pricing tiers based on the day of the week. Monday through Thursday, charter fees start at $4995.00 for a minimum 3 hour engagement. For events taking place Friday through Sunday, charter fees start at $6595.00 for a minimum 4 hour engagement. Please inquire about routes and our shoulder season rates offered from October 15th – March 31st. All our charters have a dedicated event planner to organize all the details to ensure your event is a success. On the day of your event you can expect to be supported by our on-site event manager, servers, bar staff, our executive chef and galley crew. Our Captain, First Mate and Engineer complete your fully staffed yacht charter. We are also fully fitted with WiFi and AV equipment including a wireless microphone, sound system throughout the three decks, use of a 55” flat screen Smart TV for your videos, photos or company logos. Have more questions about our Pacific Yacht Charters? Get in contact with us by filling out the form here, or calling us directly. We would love to hear more about your event. To see more of our FAQs, click here.  ...

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Christmas Party Venue Vancouver BC
29 Jun 18

Company Holiday Party Ideas That Are Hits With Everyone

So, you've been tasked to organize the company Holiday party and you’re feeling the pressure. The challenge is: how do you create a terrific event that provides an ideal atmosphere for socializing, team building, good fun, and of course, great memories? Since we've hosted our fair share of company holiday events, we have polled our team for the best ideas and tips that will make your party something that people can't wait to do again next year. 5 Holiday party ideas that will help your party be one to remember 1. Think Beginning and End The most important question you should ask yourself is: What things do I need to get the party started off right, and finished with a bang? Choosing the right venue is a definite key to any party starting and ending right. Many restaurants have groups in for holiday events, and it makes for noisy, non-private events. A private venue, where you can create an intimate brand experience is important for both your company and your clients. Start a festive mood before your guests get into the venue ~ carolers singing holiday favourites outside helps get everyone in a festive mood. Make arrival easy ~ make sure there is a staffed coat check and umbrella storage (we are a wet holiday season, after all!) After that, have your senior team welcome clients and staff alike and then make sure you get a drink into their hands PDQ. Don’t make them wait, or line up at a bar ...

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19 May 17

Yacht Safety

Yacht Safety Our Number One Priority While you might think that preparing the finest food and providing the best service is our top priority, those are actually number two and three on our list. Safety is number one. When you and your guests arrive, rarely might you think about the layers of preparation, certification or inspections that we, as a passenger carrying vessel, might be required to attain. In our opinion, you should not have to think about it, as it is the top priority for the owners, Captain and crew, of Pacific Yacht Charters. A few 'did-you-know' facts: Every charter is required to have our Captain, First Mate and Engineer on board. All these employees of Pacific Yacht Charters have certifications as required by Transport Canada. In addition to the Bridge Crew, we are required to have 2-MED certified staff members on every charter. Marine Emergency Duties is a 4-day long course offered by the Marine Institute of BCIT. Topics covered include: understanding all  the basic lifestyle equipment on board the yacht; fire safety with real fire fighting exercises; donning and swimming/floating with a life preserver; launching a life raft, and how to climb into it from the water. For those of us who have taken the course, it was a real benefit to understanding the layers of safety on board. There is one life jacket for every passenger on board up to our licensed capacity of 300 passengers, which includes crew, Galley, serving and bar staff. Life jackets for children are in addition to this required number. The Pacific Yacht has 4 life rafts on board. They are located on the transom at the stern of the yacht. Each can hold up to 75 passengers, again totaling the maximum number of passengers permitted on board. The Pacific Yacht is inspected once a year by Lloyd's Registry, part of our certification and licensing from Transport Canada. Inspections review the physical condition of the yacht, the equipment (lifesaving equipment, the navigation system, records keeping, Fire & Safety Plan and more). Maintaining a safe and sound yacht ensures you and your guests can enjoy our charter in the utmost comfort and safety. ...

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