Covid-19 Protocols

Covid-19 Protocols

Safety of our guests and staff has always been paramount to our work as a charter business, so we are used to taking care of the details when it comes to your safety. COVID-19 protocols are now a routine part of our overall safety program.

Our staff have all been oriented to these new protocols and routines and our supervisors are responsible to ensure protocols are maintained.

Some things we have implemented are:

  • Installed touchless faucets and soap dispensers in our washrooms.
  • Provided masks for serving staff who are handling food, drinks or clearing dishes.
  • Provided sani-wipes for any guest or staff to hold when using the stairs and holding the hand rails.
  • Prepared socially distant floor plans.
  • Established rules of movement on the yacht (only one person on the stairs, no crossing) and limited the number of people allowed in the washrooms at a time.

Our complete COVID-19 Reopening Plan and Sanitation Protocols can be reviewed and downloaded here.

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