Pacific Yacht Charters Catering Services


Second only to a safe and comfortable journey on the Pacific Yacht, is the high level of focus we have on our culinary and beverage services.

Our Executive Chef, Mardy Ra, embarking on his third season with us, shares his passion for preparing the best food for you and your guests heightening the overall experience of being on the water to a level that is unexpected and creates a most memorable experience.

Mardy and his team are highly skilled at preparing 5 star meals that rival the best on-land venues and catering companies. They are experts at accommodating specific dietary issues, and all our buffet and stationary food items are labeled to indicate if items are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegetarian or vegan.

“Freedom breeds creativity and creativity is one of the many strong forces behind my food. The management at Pacific Yacht Charters gives me the freedom by providing me and my team with the necessary resources and support. Further, they are in full support of sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local vendors and farms. I look forward to continuing to build my network of farmers and producers as the years progress.” says Chef Ra.

To assist you with your menu planning, Chef is also happy to meet with you to discuss your specific menu needs.

Pacific Yacht Charters Catering Services
Pacific Yacht Charters Catering Services
Pacific Yacht Charters Catering Services

5-star cuisine needs a 5-star bar program to make the greatest impact on your event. Our events team worked hard tasting many wines from unique, boutique wineries this spring, to curate a list of lesser known, but delicious wines.

With BC’s burgeoning craft breweries and distilleries, we are also able to feature some of the special new spirits like Sheringham Gin, Sons of Vancouver Vodka, and 33 Acres Brewing Company.

While we specialize in offering BC wines, we can also offer any wines offered in the BC Liquor stores. And, with no less than 3 weeks notice, specialty (‘spec’) products can also be ordered.

Want an educational component to your event? We can bring in a sommelier, Scotch Master or cicerone to offer your guests more than a taste.

Themed drinks, signature cocktails, and mocktails all add flair to your event

Meet a planner and start bringing your event to life

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