Top 5 Corporate Event Ideas for Your Vancouver Business

Top 5 Corporate Event Ideas for Your Vancouver Business

Posted on 10 Mar 20

Top 5 Corporate Event Ideas for Your Vancouver Business

You’ve made the wise decision to buck boring hotel ballrooms and other cookie-cutter event spaces to hold your next corporate affair on a yacht. You’re off to a great start. But now comes the hard part – choosing a theme that all in attendance will enjoy, whether the intent is to team-build or simply reward staff for a quarter or annum of success. Look to the following corporate event ideas as inspiration for your next shindig on the sea.

5 Yacht Event Themes That Will Make Your Corporate Event in Vancouver One to Remember

South Seas, Hawaiian Style

Who doesn’t love a Hawaiian luau themed party? It’s fun in a backyard or patio, but when you take it to the ocean it takes on a whole new facade. Use our corporate event yacht to transport your staff to the South Seas without leaving English Bay. Let us help you offer an adventure that caters to Polynesian fare and tropical cocktails while your aloha-attired staff hulas to the soothing sounds of the ukulele and steel guitar.

Vegas Casino

A Vegas casino themed night is a timeless concept that your entire company will enjoy. You can set up tables for “friendly” bouts of poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, and other popular table games, with non-cash prizes being doled out to the winners. Even non-gamblers will enjoy dressing up for a night in Sin City on the sea. And remember – what happens on the yacht stays on the yacht, right?

A Modern Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries in ballrooms and trains have been done to death, but hosting one on a yacht? That’s some other level part planning! This concept has grown in popularity recently thanks to the recent success of Hollywood’s “Knives Out”, featuring an all-star cast of Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, and more. Murder mysteries offer numerous team building initiatives that foster communication, collaboration, and problem solving. Better yet – they are fun. And no, you DON’T need a large venue with numerous rooms and levels to pull this off. Most modern Murder Mystery parties are done in apartments and condos so a 105-foot-long luxury vessel will do just fine as long as everyone gets into the spirit. Guests are encouraged to dress in garb appropriate to the era (as applicable) and you can even have some fun with menu and cocktail names, as suggested in this article on how to host a murder mystery party. Plus, the event capacity allows you to host up to 240 guests – that’s a lot of potential suspects!

Stick With the Season

Most corporate events occur around the end or beginning of a fiscal quarter, which coincides with the changing of the seasons. Each season offers an opportunity for a theme. During spring, you may consider an egg-hunt styled scavenger hunt on board the yacht. In the summer, you can do your own carnival theme on the water with toned down (in size/scale) games where staff can win prizes. In the autumn, you can go full-on costume party with Halloween just around the corner. And in the winter, what could be more apropos than a Holiday season corporate event – which we are well renowned for hosting.

If Nothing Else, You’re Already on a Yacht!

You may be concerned with organizing a menu, cocktails, guest attire, giveaways, and team building activities around a very specific theme like those described above. That’s a fair concern. But once you’ve decided to hold your corporate event on a yacht, you don’t really need to come up with a concept beyond that. That’s right – a company event on a yacht is enough of a concept in itself. Staff, clients, and other guests won’t wonder for one minute why you didn’t give more thought into planning the affair because the venue is enough to impress the most seasoned corporate event attendees. 

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