Where to Have a Company Christmas Party

Where to Have a Company Christmas Party

Posted on 23 Sep 19

Where to Have a Company Christmas Party Vancouver

It’s the time of the year to move beyond the planning process and book your staff party for the Holiday season.

Too early? Not at all because these events have become an internal part of human resource management which impacts productivity. Many studies show that Holiday parties help improve employee morale and provide an organic opportunity for management and subordinate engagement. Because of this, you need to plan the affair as much as you do a seasonal marketing campaign. As one of Greater Vancouver’s premier event venues and catering service providers, we have become the go-to resource for businesses across the Lower Mainland. We have already provided our guide to successful Holiday party ideas, and now we are having a look at what you need to look for when choosing a venue.

5 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Venue for Your Next Company Holiday Season Party

1. Big Enough Yet Intimate

This is a very tough one to pull off, as when you need to fit in over 100 to 200+ guests most venues lose the intimate feel that is oh-so important to staff engagement. What happens, is that people break off into cliques and cohesion is left out of the room. Pacific Yacht Charters however, has an impressive capacity of 120 (for a buffet or plated meal) to 250 (cocktail style event) guests, yet the unique layout brings everyone comfortably together.

2. Festive Decor Included

Far too many venues require that your company provides the decorative bells, whistles and mistletoe. That adds yet another important item to your party planning committee’s growing to-do list. Plus, it increases your budgetary needs significantly because tasteful Holiday decor is priced at a premium through party season. But with Pacific Yacht Charters, Holiday event pricing includes festive décor, all of which is professionally weaved throughout the yacht, from entry way to dining table.

3. Offers a Festive Menu

Decor is certainly instrumental in creating Holiday event memories to last a lifetime, but nothing gets the sugar plums dancing quite like festive fare. Make your event more merry by finding a venue that marries the venue/decor and menu together in one cohesive package. Pacific Yacht Charters has leveraged the talents of renowned Chef Mardy Ra in delivering a mouth-watering Holiday menu for 2019. It’s so delectable that we have to keep it under wraps (online, that is) so please do call us at 604.689.1227 or email for full menu details.

4. Ability to Customize for Your Corporate Culture

The only thing cookie-cutter about your staff Holiday event should be the one used to make Christmas cookies. Otherwise, you need a venue that can help you create a custom experience that suits your corporate culture. Pacific Yacht Charters has custom options to apply to your event. For instance, you can have a DJ or live musician on deck, or better yet, have carolers greet your cherished guests as they board the yacht. You will also have the chance to customize the Christmas cocktail menu, and if you really want things to get festive we invite you to include traditional Christmas activities, including gift giving, Secret Santa events, and/or sing-a-longs. View more about our custom options here.

5. Standing Out From “Last Year”

The phrase “Last year was better” is the one thing every company’s party planning committee hates to hear. The venue plays a major roll in keeping this sentiment from echoing through the walls of your business on the first workday after the event. By moving the party from your local bar, heritage hall, or god forbid the office staff room and into a yacht you have a shot at claiming the best holiday party since your company’s inception.

It’s never to early to book your venue, confirm the menu, and plan party activities. Contact Pacific Yacht Charters today to discuss your unique needs and we will come up with a custom Christmas party solution.

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