PYC Prepared Meals

PYC Prepared Meals

Order a Father’s Day BBQ Pack or Stock Up on Prepared Items!

2021 is moving along at breakneck speed! It’s almost summer and Father’s Day weekend heralds the start of the season.

Our Chef has prepared a wonderfully elegant and traditional menu, available for 2 or 4 people, ready to reheat and enjoy on the Q or take to a picnic.

Our Father’s Day BBQ kit is perfect for your backyard or, with our Load-Me-Up-With-The-Stuff package, you’ll be ready to hit the beach, trail or park fully equipped.

Plus, there is an expanded list of prepared items to have on hand…duck confit, new soups, marinated ready-to-grill meats and fish. Making good meal prep easy, nutritious, and delicious.

While at our online store, shop our regular ready-to-heat and serve menu selections, From crab cakes, chicken skewers, soups and frozen entrees, there is sure to be something to add a delicious item to your weeks dining.


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